Friday, October 15, 2010


I just hate people sometimes. I am a fairly social person, and hate to be alone but that sort of makes me a extremely masochistic person in a way because being surrounded by other humans is extremely frustrating sometimes. They are so full of shit. All of them.

For instance. I just read the most fucking retarded poem my eyes have ever seen and it gets so many compliments! Either people really like shit, or people are really full of shit. Probably both. I don't claim to be a good writer at all. I enjoy writing, that much is true. I also spend a lot of time writing and usually end up liking most of what I write.  So maybe it's harsh for me to criticize other people's shit when I write shit as well.

I'm just to judgemental. I really should be encouraging the horrible poets who don't know what the word "rhyme" even means because instead of sitting down and turning on some horrendous reality TV program they choose to indulge in the written word. It's quite admirable really.

Standards are just to fucking low now days.

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